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Machine tools - metal machining
Machine tools - metal shaping
Machine tools, cutting - parts and accessories
Machine tools, metal machining - parts and accessories
Magnetic equipment
Management advice
Management training
Maps and plans
Marble and natural stones
Marine, port and underwater works - contractors
Marketing - research
Marketing strategy consultants
Marking and labelling machinery
Maternity wear
Measurement and regulation equipment and instruments - electricity and other energy
Measurement and regulation equipment and instruments - output and flow
Measurement and regulation equipment and instruments - pressure
Measurement and regulation equipment and instruments - speed
Measurement and regulation equipment and instruments - temperature
Measurement equipment and instruments - position and distance
Meat, preserved
Meats, butchery and delicatessen - machinery and equipment
Meats, cooked and cured
Mechanical engineering - custom work
Mechanical transmission systems and components
Medical and surgical instruments
Medical and surgical optics - instruments
Medical treatment
Medicine and surgery - apparatus and equipment
Medicine and surgery - items and supplies
Medicines Select several companies then
Menswear, ready-made Select several companies then
Metal construction, lightweight
Metal furniture
Metal joinery, wrought-iron - machinery and equipment
Metal powders
Metallurgy - machinery and installations Select several companies then
Metals, precious and special
Meteorology equipment
Milling - machine tools
Milling - steels and metals
Mineral oxides and peroxides
Mineral water
Mining and quarrying - machinery and equipment
Mixed fabrics
Mobile Phones
Models for the building industry
Monitoring and control equipment
Motorcycle parts and accessories
Moulds and patterns
Multimedia - Electronic publishing
Multimedia - Internet and Intranet services
Music publishing, pre-recorded audio and video records and cassettes
Musical instruments and accessories
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