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Radar and radio navigation equipment
Radio and television broadcasting - equipment and systems
Radiology equipment
Rail transport
Rails - ferrous-metal
Railway stock and equipment
Railways - laying and maintenance Select several companies then
Raw materials for construction and public works
Ready-made garments - ladies'
Ready-made garments - ladies' Select several companies then
Real estate, business and industrial - developers and agencies
Recruitment agency
Recycling and recovery - miscellaneous materials
Refractory materials and products
Refrigerated display units and windows
Refrigerated transport
Refrigeration plants and equipment, commercial and industrial
Religious articles
Removals - industrial facilities
Removals and relocation - international
Repairs - consumer goods
Repairs - industrial equipment
Resource centres
Restaurant equipment
Restaurants, caterers and meal deliveries
Retail stores
Retailing outlets
Ribbons and ropes
Rigid materials for building
Risk and production management
River transport
RNIS Integrated Services Digital Network - Hardware and systems
Road transport
Road transport - logistical services
Road transport - logistical services Select several companies then
Road transport - tankers
Road transport, tipper truck
Road, beach and ski-slope maintenance - machinery and equipment
Roadlaying materials
Roads and motorways - operation and services
Rolling machines
Roofing contractors
Roofing materials
Rubber - industrial machinery and equipment
Rubber - technical items for industry
Rubber - transformation into semi-finished products
Rubber and derivatives
Rubber and plastic - processing
Rubber bands
Rubber products
Rugs and carpeting
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